About Us

Straight Way to Heaven A.O.K. (Advancement of the kingdom) Ministries Inc. We are multicultural faith based ministry that believes in God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We also take the challenge of the great commission given by Jesus Christ before He ascended. (Mathew 28:18-20) This ministry is founded upon the Petros Rock. We are assigned for the up building of God’s kingdom, the perfecting of the saints, and preparing a bride for Christ’s return for a church without spots or wrinkles. We are a non-domination church but we are of the apostolic movement. We preach Christ crucified. (1 Corinthians 1:23) Our ministry believes in deliverance and healing in the supernatural. Straight way is under the leadership of Pastor Steven T. Simon Founder/Teacher who preaches a non-negotiated gospel of truth, training warriors to take our generation and territory back through Kingdom concepts and precepts from the word.


About Our Pastor

Pastor Steven was raised in a family that feared God. His parents Frantz and Linda Simon loved(s) the Lord. His mother Linda always prayed as Hannah did and said “Lord I give you my son, use him for your glory, and anoint him to preach the gospel.” When born his mother said there was a prophetic glow about him. Growing in the church his parents realized how much he loved the church because every time he went he smiled, but cried when leaving. It was then many people began to prophesy and say “Sister Simon your son will be a pastor.” His father was an assistant pastor in the body of Christ church for 30 years and now gladly serves as a minister under his son. Steven served as a faithful member at Tabernacle of Pentecost under the leadership of Pastor Daniel R. Kyle. Pastor Kyle then said “God has called you my son go and do what He asks of you.” He was 8 years old where he joined New Generation where the Lord had called him to and began to operate in the prophetic anointing through praise and worship, he lead several different groups up under the leadership of Pastor Henry Dulcio. He then was called to preach for the first time in NY and said no because he was scared but then the Lord spoke through many people insisting that he went. Finally after praying and fasting he accepted and went, and the title of his first sermon was “no more chains”; as a result 20 people came to Christ and now serve as leaders in their church, Steven then began preaching at 12 years old. Steven graduated in the top ten percent of his class in high school with many awards in several different domains. He attended Community Brevard Institute Seminary in Palm, Bay Florida while in High school there he obtained an AA degree in Biblical Studies along with a Pastoral Certificate showing his education in serving as a shepherd. Currently Pastor Steven is in School Pursuing his Bachelors Degree in Theology and expects to graduate in June of 2012.  Steven was ordained as a youth pastor at 15years old and then his pastor told him that God reveled to him he must ordain him as a pastor, Steven refused the story gets crazy here how God confirms the call come to church and ask our pastor for the rest. Pastor Daniel R. Kyle is Pastor Steven’s covering in ministry the senior pastor of Tabernacle of Pentecost (Pentecostals of the Palm Beaches) Pastor Steven says “it’s nothing like having a good daddy!”  Steven is humble and real……He is currently the youngest senior pastor in the US according to the news cast (19 years old)…..he teaches and preaches the word of God without negotiation and lives what he preaches.


Our Address

4203 Spafford Avenue
WestPalm Beach, FL 33409
Telephone: +1 561 889 3606
E-mail: pastorsteven@swth.org


Sunday Worship Service 10AM - 12pm --- 7PM - 9PM

Wenesday Prophetic Encounter 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Thursday Kingdom Administration Class 7pm

Saturday BIble Study and Prayer 6;30pm - 8:30pm